What Is Physical Therapy? 
   At Synergy Physical Therapy we help people get back to full strength and movement in key parts of the body after an illness or injury. Physical therapy doesn't just help a person build strength and range of motion, though. A physical therapist can also help someone manage pain, whether that pain is caused by bad posture, an injury, or a disease like arthritis. Physical therapy uses a combination of techniques to relieve pain and boost coordination, strength, balance endurance, and range of motion. Physical therapists (PTs) often ask patients to use exercise equipment like bikes and treadmills. In addition to exercising the affected area, we may also treat you using with heat or cold, electricity, ultrasound, iontophoresis, Kinesio taping and many other techniques. In many cases, PTs massage and mobilize soft tissue in injured areas, mobilize restricted joints and oversee the patient during stretching and strengthening routines.  You will be given exercises to do at home and these will provide carry over between sessions. These at-home exercises work with the treatments and exercises done in the PT's office to help you heal better, faster, and safely. 

Some of the conditions that we treat include:

•  Back & Neck Pain                         •  Sprains & Strains
•  Sports Injury Rehabilitation           •  Shoulder Pain
•  Tendonitis & Bursitis                    •  Plantarfascitis
•  Work Related Injuries                    •  CVA/Stroke Rehab
•  Sacroiliac Dysfunction                   •  Arthritis
•  Post Surgical Rehab                       •  Frozen Shoulder
•  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome              •  Sciatica
•  Patellofemoral Dysfunction           •  Osteoporosis
•  Thoracic Outlet Syndrome           •  Gait Disturbances